From the first plunk, 'till today...

My older brother used to have a hand made guitar, in which I was't really intrested at that time. Maybe becasuse I had once plugged it in to electricity, I thought that is where it should be, but I it didn't make a noise. It was a shocking experience, I was so scarred, I couldn't catch my breath. Later that year my brother has joined the army, and he took his guitar with him. After that I was missing that instruments so much, that I almost went crazy. Of course I was at the age when it was really cool to play music and to be a musician. I have falled into music, and I still am since!

I have started to deal more with music in secondary school. One band after an other, all of them different styles. We mostly played known hits, but we were experiencing with blues, jazz-rock and salon music too. Every band was a whole different world and style - excellent schools. A few bands I have played in then: Kerek Perec, Rekorder, Wanderers, Astor and Marionett Rt., which was lead be Norbert Latzin, who was one the soul and composer of the former Bergendy band.

Marionett Rt.
Bernie, Gazsi, Norbi, Toro, Güzü

After the years of podium music-playing, I have started my professional carrier as an entertainer music-player, mostly abroad, in Germany, Switzerland, but I've spent lots of time on cruising ships between England and the Netherlands or between the Cypress - Israel - Egypt triangle, where we entertained the people with all kinds of music.

After years in abroad I have started my carrier back in home, wasn't advantegous for band playing. That is when I thought to start a one man band formation, where I do everything by myself. The fact that it works succesfully for me for more than 10 years, proves that I've made the right decision. Since my first contact with the guitar few decads ago, I've become such musician who sees, knows and respects the need of the audience.